Season’s Greetings

A couple of Christmas’ ago Rob and I were particularly excited about the season. Wanting to sprinkle the dust of Christmas cheer on those we loved, we decided to make a family trip to the toy store. We felt generous and wanted to look around with the kids for ideas. We joyfully anticipated seeing their…Read more »

“Let’s go Christmas shopping together as a family,” we said. On a Saturday two weeks before Christmas, no less. “This is a good idea, we will make memories as a family,” we thought. Well, we did make memories. We were right about that. It had been a long time of tough slogging. Too much pressure. …Read more »

Here With Us

Waiting in eager anticipation.  Life struggles to be born.  Love is coming.  Light. Waiting in a shaft of light, surrounded by darkness.  Death has visited.  The aching loss of life departed, the threat of emptiness. I cannot help but be drawn to Advent.  Birth.  New life.  The coming, the anticipation, the excitement. New birth is neither…Read more »


A sharp cry pierces the silent night.  I bolt upright in bed, heart pounding.  Through the thick fog of sleep, I struggle to make sense of where I am and what woke me.  Loud wailing serves as the reminder, and I stumble out of bed towards the sound.  Lurching through the dark, I follow the cry. The peace of sleep has…Read more »


It was a beautiful warm autumn day.  The sun was shining, birds were singing, and two Canadians living abroad had been freed. When Rob and I first moved to London, we were content, perhaps even thrilled, with public transportation.  We happily rode the underground tube, the above ground trains, and the double decker busses. It was…Read more »