You might wonder at a name like Unshaken; what kind of woman stands behind a name like that? Perhaps someone who is confident, successful, a woman who not only has a plan, she has a plan for how she will execute her plan. That’s not me. I am both easily and often shaking. Let me…Read more »


Sometimes it is stumbling staggering falling.   Sometimes it is crying shouting screaming.   Sometimes it is heavy suffocating silent.   Sometimes it is only because the alternative is Impossible.      

I Still Do

Many years ago today we committed our lives to each other. The decision was based somewhat on emotion; we were in love.  It was based mostly on naiveté; we really knew very little of each other and what we were getting ourselves into.  It was based completely on the fact we wanted to spend the rest…Read more »

Who Am I?

I search through my memories for an answer and I find story. My sisters and brother sitting together listening to my parents read us story. Overlapping voices growing louder, my extended family speaking, layering story. I grow older and learn to passionately devour story myself. Always in the background, my God, writing His story in…Read more »