Yoga Pants and Grace


Curl up in your favourite chair, get cozy. Lay your head back and rest a while. This is a yoga pants zone – a space for grace. Don’t see the connection? Despite the fun of getting dressed up and feeling pretty, I think secretly, we all love slipping into our yoga pants and taking a deep breath at the end of the day. They are so gracious with us, no whispered words of condemnation about the cookies we ate last night, they take us just for how we are in the moment. In a world that can often be hard and rigid, they are flexible and soft. The stains of the day don’t look as insurmountable on yoga pants; no complex washing process, just an easy clean. And just maybe, when wearing them, we sense the possibility of transformation; a gentle nudge to something better.

How like grace. In our dry and barren world, the Author of Grace plants grace in the desert. Into our wearied striving, Grace whispers the promise of rest. Against the tight constrictions of inadequacy, the assurance of everlasting love. And no matter the stain, Grace gently washes us clean.

So, lean in and hear the whisper of Grace to come, just as you are. Surrender to the embrace of Grace. And maybe, just maybe, in the warmth of His favour, you will leave transformed. For this is the very nature and purpose of true grace. It is not an excuse for mediocrity or apathy, rather an invitation to come just as you are, and leave a little more like the Giver of grace.


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