Letter to a Young Woman

You stand on the precipice of change and the world stretches big before you.  You are preparing to step off the ledge.  Before you step – look.

 Look in.

Look around.

Look up.

You are beautiful; but sometimes you won’t feel this way.  Sometimes beauty is hard to find.  Look anyway.  Seek it out in yourself and others.  You are too smart to search in all the obvious places, so be creative.  When you find the beautiful, celebrate it.  Nurture it.  Help it to grow.  The most beautiful has come in the humblest form.

You are strong.  But you won’t always be.  Look for people strong enough to lean on.  Choose wisely because the strength of the foundation determines the weight of the load you are able to bear.  Sometimes trustworthy people are hard to find so you have to go looking for leaners.  Let them lean on you and watch them grow stronger.  Perhaps one day their strength will bear your load.  Strength is gained in depth not breadth, and greatest strength has come in weakness and surrender.

You can be whatever you dream.  Possibly.  But not probably.  While you are chasing your dreams, you will encounter road blocks.  Lane closures.  Detours.  Sinkholes.  Sometimes, the whole road is closed.  Permanently.  Don’t stop chasing.  Paved freeways and wide lanes are the easier choice.  For now.  But it is in the mystery of the narrow path, on the rugged road that you will find the most beauty and gain the most strength.

The only constant is change.  Sometimes change is exciting.  Sometimes it is scary.  As change whirls around you, embrace it.  But don’t be swept away by it.  Find what doesn’t change.  Look up to the Morning Star and find Grace, then keep your eyes on this fixed point.  In a tilt-a-whirl world you will need Grace.  More than you can imagine right now.  There is no end to Grace, so give it freely.

You stand on the precipice of change and the world stretches wide before you.  It is a big world full of possibilities.  And though your world is changing and growing, it is probably smaller than you realize.  That’s okay.  Live well in it.

Dream big.  Step carefully.

You are beautiful.  You are strong.

And there is Grace upon Grace.

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