Letter to a Young Woman

You stand on the precipice of change and the world stretches big before you.  You are preparing to step off the ledge.  Before you step – look.  Look in. Look around. Look up. You are beautiful; but sometimes you won’t feel this way.  Sometimes beauty is hard to find.  Look anyway.  Seek it out in…Read more »


I need to begin with a bit of background.  It will be brief to condense what could easily become a rather long, emotional rabbit trail, but it will help to set the scene.  The year Shay entered Grade One and Koby started Kindergarten was a tough one.  We had moved three times in under a…Read more »


The children nibble on their snacks, debating important life issues adults often don’t have time for.  The topic this day is private parts.  An animated discussion centres on what actually constitutes a private part, and how imperative it is that once categorized as such, it remains covered. They move through the obvious ones quickly, but upon…Read more »