Persist. It’s a word that’s been lingering in the background of my life the last couple of years. Sometimes a whispered encouragement. Sometimes a challenge, a goal I feel too tired to achieve. It can sound inspiring – like when we hear it attributed to Olympic athletes who have endured bruises, blisters, long practices, the…Read more »

Here With Us

Waiting in eager anticipation.  Life struggles to be born.  Love is coming.  Light. Waiting in a shaft of light, surrounded by darkness.  Death has visited.  The aching loss of life departed, the threat of emptiness. I cannot help but be drawn to Advent.  Birth.  New life.  The coming, the anticipation, the excitement. New birth is neither…Read more »


Peter Called from his fishing Just enough faith to leave the ordinary Perhaps curiosity about the man who called him Possibly gnawing discontent with life as it was Maybe an awareness of need and just enough hope this Man could meet his need Broken but willing Lips acknowledged Jesus as God Then cursed, “I know Him not!” Forgiven, he whispers reverently According to…Read more »