Goodnight, Grandma


Dear Jesus,

I’m writing You a letter because today, I really wanted some extra time with my Grandma. I wanted one more chance to sit near her, surrounded by her great cloud of witnesses. In a busy world, there is this nagging ache of loneliness that never really goes away. Yet, in those times gathered around Grandma, I felt a temporary balm; I heard the echo of heaven.

While You were sitting with her, did you gently stroke those weathered hands laying limp on the hospital bed? You see, those hands are very beautiful to many. Though they may not look it, they are strong hands. Hands that knew when to hold on tight, and when to let go.

Did you stroke her forehead, smoothing back wisps of white hair? Many decades ago, her strong hands smoothed back hair that never had the time to whiten with age. Since then, she has touched the head of need many times. Tonight, will You make sure that hers is the head that feels a gentle touch?

While You lean over to brush back her hair, did You whisper in her ear? Did You tenderly speak her name as You called her home? You blessed my Grandma with such a large family, with so much love; she is not used to a lot of quiet or to being alone. Could You be extra tender with Grandma tonight? I don’t want her to be afraid she has to take this journey alone, so will you stay close and make sure she feels you near?

Did Your eyes fill with tears as You gathered her into Your arms and carried her close to Your heart for that final journey through the valley? I know that You have swallowed death in victory, but You also set eternity in our hearts, so do You still feel the sting when 87 years suddenly seems so short?

As the sun set one final time on her mortality, did You whisper for her to open her eyes to see her first Son rise? Did you smile? Was there a twinkle in Your eyes as You tenderly pulled back the curtain to reveal Your wonder?

When her hope became sight, did she shout, “Faith IS the victory!”?


Jesus will keep you strong until the end so that there will be no wrong in you on the day our Lord Jesus Christ comes again.

1 Corinthians 1:8

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