Persist. It’s a word that’s been lingering in the background of my life the last couple of years. Sometimes a whispered encouragement. Sometimes a challenge, a goal I feel too tired to achieve. It can sound inspiring – like when we hear it attributed to Olympic athletes who have endured bruises, blisters, long practices, the…Read more »


A friend and I were texting each other pictures of ourselves from before we had kids; admiring each other – and ourselves. (Just being honest here). We dwelt in the ‘then’ for a while before we returned back to ‘now’ when my friend texted, “And they say you bounce right back after having kids. Bah…Read more »


It remains true that for me, details are daunting. I am easily overwhelmed and quick to get lost in them. It is the dreams that call to me; inspire me. Lost in a world of my own, I drift away to places I can control.  Here I have the power to imagine, plan, change. Inevitably, I am brought back…Read more »