It remains true that for me, details are daunting. I am easily overwhelmed and quick to get lost in them.

It is the dreams that call to me; inspire me. Lost in a world of my own, I drift away to places I can control.  Here I have the power to imagine, plan, change.

Inevitably, I am brought back to the world as it truly is. Needs pile up on a global scale; my laundry mound expands.

Cries of the hungry echo across an ocean; grumbling bellies sit at my snack bar.

War and disease cut a swath of pain and destruction; crying eyes and sad hearts curl up with me in bed.

And so, I release the dirty to be cleansed, the hungry to be filled, the sad and lonely to be comforted.

I have not changed The World, but I have changed My World.

Perhaps, this is where it will start.


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