He Knows My Name

It was the darkest of days.  Hope had breathed its last.  Dreams were buried.  Even after the sun dared shine again, confusion and misunderstanding made dark their minds. What now?  What do you do when Faith proves to be vapour?  When Hope has died?  When Love lays lifeless? You cry. Mary stood outside the tomb…Read more »

Do Not Be Afraid

Fear scares stuff out of you.  For real. My Max loves to sneak around the house.  He is forever hiding behind doors, under furniture and in closets waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump out and scare somebody.  It almost backfired today. He was home sick from school.  Yesterday he was lay-on-the-couch-sleep-all-day sick.  Today, it…Read more »


I need to begin with a bit of background.  It will be brief to condense what could easily become a rather long, emotional rabbit trail, but it will help to set the scene.  The year Shay entered Grade One and Koby started Kindergarten was a tough one.  We had moved three times in under a…Read more »

One Day at a Time

Life is busy.  Feeling like I might drown in the piles that grew around me, (both metaphorical and physical) I decided to stop worrying about tomorrow, and only deal with the issues of the present day.  I am not superwoman and cannot do it all, but for today, I will try. I have since discovered…Read more »

A Baby is Born Part 2: The Wait

It was the day of my nephew’s birth.  Proud of our positions as labour coaches, Kendra and I strode through the hospital doors purposefully.  It was a time of heightened excitement, so truthfully, I was not surprised to feel an ominous turning in my stomach.  I chalked it up to anticipation and tried to put it from my…Read more »