A friend and I were texting each other pictures of ourselves from before we had kids; admiring each other – and ourselves. (Just being honest here). We dwelt in the ‘then’ for a while before we returned back to ‘now’ when my friend texted, “And they say you bounce right back after having kids. Bah…Read more »


Warning: Some issues will be exposed in this post and I will not come out looking good. However, what I am about to share with you is all true; at least two family members can vouch for it. I have an issue with games. As far as I can tell it applies to all games but not…Read more »

“Let’s go Christmas shopping together as a family,” we said. On a Saturday two weeks before Christmas, no less. “This is a good idea, we will make memories as a family,” we thought. Well, we did make memories. We were right about that. It had been a long time of tough slogging. Too much pressure. …Read more »

I Have Kids. They Go to School.

It’s September. ‘Back to School’ season is upon us, and for those on social media, it can be a daunting time. Beautiful children in new outfits line my facebook feed. They sport backpacks and hold chalkboards or fingers indicating what grade they are entering. Pictures of sandwiches shaped like butterflies, homemade healthy snacks, and fruit…Read more »

Running Scared

I have this weird fear.  I’m scared of dolls that look like real people. Cabbage Patch dolls, Raggedy Ann dolls, Barbie dolls, let’s face it, they look nothing like the real thing.  But Walking Wendy.  She was a whole different story. Growing up, my sisters and I had a Walking Wendy doll.  She looked like…Read more »

Dinner is Served

Generally speaking meal time at our house is pretty low key.  Our oldest is a foodie, and the only thing we have discovered he does not like is Sushi (he was very disappointed to learn this.)  Our youngest plays the ‘I’m little and my tummy is full,’ card a lot, but will eat small amounts of most anything.  The…Read more »