A sharp cry pierces the silent night.  I bolt upright in bed, heart pounding.  Through the thick fog of sleep, I struggle to make sense of where I am and what woke me.  Loud wailing serves as the reminder, and I stumble out of bed towards the sound.  Lurching through the dark, I follow the cry. The peace of sleep has…Read more »

Love Song

Ah, September. The month of new beginnings.  (Yes, the argument can be made this distinction belongs to January, but when your schedule is tied to the school calendar, September is the month.) Crisp notebooks with pristine pages waiting to be filled.  Bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils passed from friend to friend.  (If you can name the movie…Read more »

Last Day of School!

Ahhh . . . one of my most favourite days of the year.  Summer’s promise beckons as the shackles of the school year fall away.  I roll into the parking lot 15 minutes late, children munching happily on Tim Horton’s due to a lack of critical breakfast ingredients in the fridge, yet calm prevails.  It is the last day…Read more »

The Measure of a Man

I am a dreamer; a big picture person.  Details intimidate me; I get too easily bogged down in them.  There is a saying that the devil is in the details.  It is in living out the details that big pictures become reality.  It is in the details that dreams turn into hard work.  Through the…Read more »

Love it – Books!

I love to read.  I love books!!! The feel of a book in my hands.  The smell as the pages turn for the first time.  The anticipation of what awaits me in the printed words.  The knowledge that by reading I will go places, dream dreams, meet people across time and space; I will laugh, cry, learn,…Read more »

Delighted by Grace

Grace (Charis) – That which affords joy, pleasure, delight, sweetness, charm, loveliness Goodwill, loving-kindness, favour Thanks (for benefits, services, favours), recompense, reward   What delights you? You know, those unexpected joys, sweet surprises, those pearls of great value often hidden in fields of dirt. That is Grace. Undeserved favour. Flashes of beauty that shine through…Read more »