Wake Up!

The first frost kisses the landscape with a blanket of silvery white. Everything is going to sleep.  The flowers we planted and watered, the trees we placed and coaxed to take root, they begin their slumber under the fresh cover.  Bold colours and busy bees quiet as the coming winter brings dormancy.  They sleep; it…Read more »


It was a beautiful warm autumn day.  The sun was shining, birds were singing, and two Canadians living abroad had been freed. When Rob and I first moved to London, we were content, perhaps even thrilled, with public transportation.  We happily rode the underground tube, the above ground trains, and the double decker busses. It was…Read more »


Declaration of Independence The sun shines bright and warm; its rays are unable to penetrate my prison.  I crouch in the shadows, held tight in the cold grasp of darkness.  Shackled in a prison of despair. Leg irons of expectation immobilize me.  As each new demand arises, the chain that tethers me to the fortress of duty, shortens. …Read more »