Why Are You Worried?

Worry. Fear. Anxiety. Ugh! The feeling when they begin to creep in – I hate it! The knot in my stomach. The way my heart races and my breathing becomes shallow. The inability to direct my thoughts towards something else – anything else! You know what I’ve noticed? The more these feelings pile on top…Read more »


You might wonder at a name like Unshaken; what kind of woman stands behind a name like that? Perhaps someone who is confident, successful, a woman who not only has a plan, she has a plan for how she will execute her plan. That’s not me. I am both easily and often shaking. Let me…Read more »

Do Not Be Afraid

Fear scares stuff out of you.  For real. My Max loves to sneak around the house.  He is forever hiding behind doors, under furniture and in closets waiting for the perfect opportunity to jump out and scare somebody.  It almost backfired today. He was home sick from school.  Yesterday he was lay-on-the-couch-sleep-all-day sick.  Today, it…Read more »


Juxtapose. To place items or events together for the purpose of comparison or contrast. Often done deliberately to highlight differences. 50 Shades of Grey. A joining of pleasure and pain. Deliberately presented on a date associated with love. Hundreds of millions of dollars are sacrificed as people watch.  Pain inflicted.  Pain endured.  In the name of pleasure.  In…Read more »

Over the Edge

Had I to define it, I’m not sure what I would call my parenting style. (Desperate?) With my first two children, I was calmer, more organized, better able to project being in control. Yes, they were close in age, but there were only two of them. When number three and four burst onto the scene less…Read more »