A Tale of the King

It’s here!

I’m excited to share this book with you! It’s my baby, my first serious writing project.

A Tale of the King LOGO

The beginnings of the project are admittedly questionable as it all started one night while I lay awake, unable to sleep. I was recovering from surgery and still on a fair bit of pain medication, but not so much that my thoughts weren’t mostly clear.

I needed to sleep. I wanted to sleep. But rather than nod off, I was consumed with a question: how do I show my children the beauty of the Bible? How do I show them that though it is many books written over the span of centuries, it is still one marvelous story? How do I help them see that the end is not a knee-jerk reaction to plans attempted and discarded, it was written along with the beginning? How do I reassure them that even as they live in the confusing middle, all is unfolding as it should? But most of all, how do I help them see the author of the story is also the hero of the story?

I wanted to tell them a story because all great stories are much more than just stories. That night, this story came to my mind. Scenes floated around in my head and I knew sleep would remain elusive until I captured them. So, I turned on my bedside lamp, found my laptop, propped up my pillows and started typing.

It didn’t take Rob long to wake up from the commotion. At first he was concerned I had suffered some ill-effect from the medication. Quickly relieved of that worry, he suggested perhaps I take some more medication so that maybe we could both get some sleep. His protests were halfhearted and he quickly returned to sleep.

I continued typing.

Here is my story. I wrote it for my children so it is their story. But it can be yours, too. For the wonderful thing about stories, is that they are for everyone. My hope is that this story of a king draws your heart to The King.

If you live in Canada, you can find it here: A Tale of the King

Or, if you live in another part of the world, you can find it here: A Tale of the King

Kindle cover

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