Happy Birthday!

Time marches onward, and though I can hardly believe it, this week marks the one year anniversary of A Space for Grace.  I clearly remember the trepidation with which I sat down at my computer, put a bit of my heart onto the screen and clicked “Publish.”  My stomach was anxiously tied up in knots as I contemplated the…Read more »

A People of Hope

I woke up this morning with a song in my heart.  We are a resurrection people.  A people of hope.  The world uses the word hope in such an anemic way, it is little more than a spineless wish.  This is not our hope.  Our hope is solid, firm, unchanging; built upon The Rock. Hope:…Read more »

Washing Feet

This Passover Thursday, I washed feet.  Having heard the story of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet as a young child, I knew I was to be the servant of all. Willing to kneel to the mundane for my fellow man.  Head learning comes fairly easily for me; heart learning comes a whole lot harder. I…Read more »