The Passion

Have you ever met someone you’d define as passionate? Someone who walks into the room and suddenly everything feels a bit brighter and a lot more exciting—a person so full of life, that just being near them makes you feel more alive? Caught in the grip of intense desire, even the thought of complacency or apathy is…Read more »


A friend and I were texting each other pictures of ourselves from before we had kids; admiring each other – and ourselves. (Just being honest here). We dwelt in the ‘then’ for a while before we returned back to ‘now’ when my friend texted, “And they say you bounce right back after having kids. Bah…Read more »

Beautiful In It’s Time?

I didn’t post last week.  In typical me fashion, I vacillated between worrying I had let people down, and worrying no one even noticed.  I started several posts, but each one felt either artificially cheery or like I was vomiting on a page.  Neither rang true.  While tired and a little dry, I am not…Read more »