He Knows My Name

It was the darkest of days.  Hope had breathed its last.  Dreams were buried.  Even after the sun dared shine again, confusion and misunderstanding made dark their minds. What now?  What do you do when Faith proves to be vapour?  When Hope has died?  When Love lays lifeless? You cry. Mary stood outside the tomb…Read more »

A People of Hope

I woke up this morning with a song in my heart.  We are a resurrection people.  A people of hope.  The world uses the word hope in such an anemic way, it is little more than a spineless wish.  This is not our hope.  Our hope is solid, firm, unchanging; built upon The Rock. Hope:…Read more »

Washing Feet

This Passover Thursday, I washed feet.  Having heard the story of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet as a young child, I knew I was to be the servant of all. Willing to kneel to the mundane for my fellow man.  Head learning comes fairly easily for me; heart learning comes a whole lot harder. I…Read more »