Persist. It’s a word that’s been lingering in the background of my life the last couple of years. Sometimes a whispered encouragement. Sometimes a challenge, a goal I feel too tired to achieve. It can sound inspiring – like when we hear it attributed to Olympic athletes who have endured bruises, blisters, long practices, the…Read more »

A People of Hope

I woke up this morning with a song in my heart.  We are a resurrection people.  A people of hope.  The world uses the word hope in such an anemic way, it is little more than a spineless wish.  This is not our hope.  Our hope is solid, firm, unchanging; built upon The Rock. Hope:…Read more »

Delighted by Grace

Grace (Charis) – That which affords joy, pleasure, delight, sweetness, charm, loveliness Goodwill, loving-kindness, favour Thanks (for benefits, services, favours), recompense, reward   What delights you? You know, those unexpected joys, sweet surprises, those pearls of great value often hidden in fields of dirt. That is Grace. Undeserved favour. Flashes of beauty that shine through…Read more »

Gold Medal Game

My older sister, Eleanor, loves hockey.  Love becomes passion when Team Canada is playing, and when they are playing against the Americans, well, let’s just say, it goes to a whole new level.  Imagine her delight during the recent Olympic Games in Sochi, when she was able to experience Canada vs. USA in both men’s and…Read more »


I am a Mom.  By virtue of the fact that I have borne four wonderful children and am responsible, together with my husband, for their care and upbringing.  But sometimes, in those crevices of the mind where doubts and worries lurk, I suspect I’m unworthy of the title.  I love my children dearly and want…Read more »